Geological laboratory

We are passionate about geology. Our team focuses on the challenges of processing various types of ores, selection of optimal processing methods, research of ores’ physical and mechanical properties, and mineralogical analyses. The geological laboratory consists of the following units:
  • Laboratory of mineralogy and petrography: the understanding of mineralization type is as crucial for the selection of processing methods, as are the list of elements in the ore. By studying the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the ore, information is obtained about the useful metallic minerals and their accompanying empty mineral rocks.
  • Mineralization laboratory: studies the suitability of certain processes, and their applicability to a specific mineralization type. As a result, our specialists are able to advise on the most effective beneficiation method, which will ensure maximum metal recoveries from the given ore.
  • The sample preparation laboratory: the first and most important stage of ore processing, no mistakes are allowed or made here. Preparatory processes include ore crushing, grinding, drying and packing. Our decades-long experience in a proper and consistent organization of the sampling process ensures that our clients have representative samples, which is a crucial prerequisite for the reliability of all subsequent tests.
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