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The Mining and Metallurgy Institute

The "Mining and Metallurgy Institute" Closed Joint Stock Company (short - MMI) plays a crucial role in the mining industry of the Republic of Armenia. MMI was established in 1952 by scientists and specialists from leading universities, who joined forces 70 years ago to create what is today a capable research organization and a leading engineering consulting services provider in Armenia. 

Historically, MMI has been the backbone of mining engineering and laboratory services in Armenia, serving both national and regional customers. We have vast experience in process R&D, engineering, geological exploration, and ...



APL (Atmospheric Polymineral Leaching)


APL key benefits

  • With selected concentrates, APL recovers up to 98% of copper from concentrates in less than 8 hours.
  • APL does not require high pressures, consequently there is no need for expensive autoclaves.
  • The leaching takes place at 95 degrees Celsius - no high temperatures or complex and expensive external heating systems.
  • APL incorporates the standard SX-EW technology stage, which allows the production of 99.99% copper cathodes.
  • Instead of shipping concentrates, the mines can now ship cathodes, thereby drastically reducing transportation costs. ...
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