APL (Atmospheric Polymineral Leaching)


According to the IPCC, more than 16 % of greenhouse gas emissions are generated by the transportation sector. Furthermore, these are inherently significant cost centers for mines globally. We are striving to change that, and are proud to present the results of many years of R&D – a concentrate processing technology that will change how mines think about metal recoveries, environmental footprint and supply chain efficiencies on a global scale.

Our team has been working on the APL project for over 5 years with a vision to provide an enhanced, economic process route to deliver copper cathodes from copper concentrate at the mine site without the need for a smelting stage. Now Sulfur rich copper concentrates can be processed directly to cathode copper at the mine site with the obvious commercial and environmental benefits.

APL key benefits

Up to 98 % copper recovery from concentrates
With selected concentrates, APL recovers up to 98% of copper from concentrates in less than 8 hours.

Atmospheric pressure
APL does not require high pressures, consequently there is no need for expensive autoclaves.

Low temperature process
The leaching takes place at 95 degrees Celsius – no high temperatures or complex and expensive external heating systems.

High quality grade cathode production
APL incorporates the standard SX-EW technology stage, which allows the production of 99.99% copper cathodes.

Tangible cost savings
Instead of shipping concentrates, the mines can now ship cathodes, thereby drastically reducing transportation costs.

Low environmental footprint
As opposed to smelting, APL does not generate liquid or gaseous contaminants, thereby being able to implement a practically Zero Discharge policy, relieving our planet from a significant volume of greenhouse gasses.

Increased copper recovery from concentrates
With APL full integration, the mines can produce and process low grade concentrates, thereby increasing end-to-end recoveries in primary processing, and subsequently an increase in overall copper recoveries of more than 5% points.

Ore deposit reserve increase
Near cut-off grade material is now viable to process,thereby increasing the economic reserves of their deposit

Increase in gold and silver concentrations
unrestricted economic recovery of gold and silver values from below payable to payable levels.

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