Mining services

Mine planning and design services:

A successful mining project starts with a plan. We help our clients to arrive at a thoughtful and a financially optimal design. We provide mining method and equipment selection advice, material handling systems and plant design, waste rock management system design, ore dilution optimization. 

Our services include:

·         open-pit mine planning;

·         underground mine planning;

·         groundwater flow & dewatering;

·         mine method selection design;

·         geotechnics & rock mechanics;

·         equipment selection & logistics.

Processing systems:

We support all aspects of mineral processing, from initial ore sampling and pilot-scale testing to front-end engineering and design. We cover processing systems for crushing, grading and cleaning ore, separation, flotation, and the separation of solids from liquids. Our range of services, from lab testing and mineralogical analysis, final beneficiation method selection:

·         laboratory and pilot-scale testing;

·         process block and flow diagram development;

·         water block and flow diagram development;

·         mass/water and metal balance development;

·         plant layout development;

·         detailed engineering services.

Tailings system design and management:

We advise our clients on tailings delivery and storage methods tailored to the project setting. We provide on-site and laboratory analysis of the tailings and their material properties, stability analysis and evaluation, installation of comprehensive TSF monitoring systems.

·         site evaluation and selection;

·         water balance development and utilization;

·         geotechnical, hydrogeological, rheological, and geochemical evaluation and characterization;

·         feasibility and financial evaluation;

·         risk and hazard assessment and emergency response planning;

·         construction and operation monitoring, management, and quality assurance;

·         decommissioning, closure, and landform restoration.


Drilling, ore sampling, assaying and block model development according to internationally accepted standards and using contemporary equipment and tools.

Process analytics:

Mine process monitoring sampling and analysis system development, aimed at maximizing resource recovery, with positive impact on the mine’s bottom line.

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